As a TM.G Member, you will receive all kinds of benefits for your Cannabis business.

Not previously possible, now your cannabis business can be like any other company large or small and have a banking relationship with an approved FDIC bank. When you become a TM.G Member you can apply for and open your Cannabis business checking account in just a few days. Additionally, once you become a TM.G Member after completing the forms you can upload all of your companies accounting documents and talk to a TM.G CPA officers who will help you get your checking account setup and running.

Paying your state and federal taxes, being complainant with state regulations and maintaining your company’s legal status is the most important part of your business operations. Typically, our clients have discovered that Cannabis ventures and operating businesses are more capital intensive than other startups or functioning businesses.  When deciding whether or not to use an outside CPA firm like TM.G, it is wise to take a close look at the initial start up costs to begin and maintain a compliant accounting status with the state and federal agencies. 

Join today by paying a one time fee of $1,000.00  for your membership used to pay for your company’s background review.